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Ski mountaineering Grossvenediger and Schlieferspitze Ski mountaineering Grossvenediger and Schlieferspitze
A winter tour in the midst of blooming spring. We find a small gap in the weather and put our skiis on our backpacks to summit Grossvenediger and Shlieferspitze in eastern Austria.
8 pictures from 2013-05-18
Ski tour Bretterspitze Ski tour Bretterspitze
An extremely steep track through forest on hard snow, and an narrow and exposed couloir, combined with 1500 vertical meters was undoubtedly our hardest tour to date. The absence of both wind and other people made it a solid nature experience.
5 pictures from 2013-04-02
Ski tour Rothorn in Diemtigtal Ski tour Rothorn in Diemtigtal
Rothorn (2410 m) is lower than Männliflue, yet not to be underestimated. The perfect conditions this day allowed us to enjoy the staggering views from one of the finest tours in the valley.
19 pictures from 2013-02-18
Ski tour Männliflue in Diemtigtal Ski tour Männliflue in Diemtigtal
The steep sides of Männliflue (2652 m) requires safe conditions. We are lucky and experience a beautiful crisp day on the highest summit of the valley.
13 pictures from 2013-02-17
Ski tour Rauflihorn in Diemtigtal Ski tour Rauflihorn in Diemtigtal
The Staldenmaad hut in swiss Diemtigtal is a suitable starting point for several beutiful ski tours. First out is a revisit to Rauflihorn (2322 m).
16 pictures from 2013-02-16
Ski tour Winterelfer Ski tour Winterelfer
Our first ski tour to Winterelfer (2350m), the mountain we see from our living room. Brave people head down Elferrinne, a channel from the summit that initially is about 65 degrees steep.
23 pictures from 2013-02-14
Ski tour Siplingerkopf and Heidenkopf Ski tour Siplingerkopf and Heidenkopf
A brilliant day among pure white trees against a deep blue sky. The tour went through meter deep powder snow to the summits Siplingerkopf and Heidenkopf above Balderschwang, Allgäu.
29 pictures from 2013-02-10
Königspitze Königspitze
Our most daring alpine tour so far to the infamous but beautiful Königspitze in the Ortler group in Italy. We also climb Zufallspitze and Mont Cevedale.
20 pictures from 2012-06-30
Toreck and Gottesacker plateau Toreck and Gottesacker plateau
We explore the geologically interesting Gottesacker plateau as well as the rock formation Toreck and its surrounding wilderness on the mountain behind our house.
6 pictures from 2012-06-24
Wreck diving in Bodensee Überlingen Wreck diving in Bodensee Überlingen
Our first common diving trip! Markus explores an 1864 steam boat and a 44 meter deep steep face in Marienschlucht, and Sandra reaches her 14th dive and hikes to a renowned abbey.
24 pictures from 2012-06-08
Ski tour Diemtigtal Ski tour Diemtigtal
Jochen had organized a Weekend of skitouring in Switzerland, conveniently coinciding with Markus' birthday. Join us up on Meniggrat, Wirihorn och Rauflihorn.
14 pictures from 2012-02-12
Ski tour Menzenschwand Ski tour Menzenschwand
A freezing cold and stormy Weekend in Schwarzwald, what more could one ask for? Together with a group from Karlsruhe we did two short but great tours around Menzenschwand.
6 pictures from 2012-02-05
Ice climbing in Pitztal Ice climbing in Pitztal
An advanced course in ice climbing - quite a challenge for someone who never climbed an icefall before. Our introduction took place in Pitztal, Austria.
13 pictures from 2012-01-29
Back to the Archipelago Back to the Archipelago
This time we went for two shorter kayak trips. The first in central Stockholm on the inner parts of Mälaren, and the second further out in the desolate archipelago south east of Runmarö.
11 pictures from 2011-08-31
Mountaineering at the Furka Pass Mountaineering at the Furka Pass
A Weekend full of breathtaking mountaineering around the Furka Pass in Switzerland.
14 pictures from 2011-08-14
Cabane d'Orny Cabane d'Orny
After rain comes sunshine - and a longed-for trip to the Mont-Blanc region, where we among other things have done our first real alpine climb on aiguille d'Orny.
22 pictures from 2011-07-04
Ötztal Alps Ötztal Alps
A one week glacier course in Ötztal with our section of the Deutsche Alpenverein. This area is truly astounding, and strongly recommended for the first experiences of high alpine mountaineering.
11 pictures from 2010-07-11
Autumn walk Autumn walk
Seizing the moment in the forrests of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Now the nature is bountiful: Walnut and Chestnut, Apple and Plum, they all shed their fruits of the year.
2 pictures from 2009-10-31
Climbing in Devon Climbing in Devon
A visit in beautiful green Devon, with british climbing at its best and other outdoor activities in pleasant company.
7 pictures from 2009-07-03
Malta diving Malta diving
Malta is well worth seeing also below the surface, we concluded after scuba diving and snorkeling through the warm water of the Mediterranean. Watch out for the sea urchins!
10 pictures from 2009-06-25
Malta climbing Malta climbing
Malta could be the paradise for sport climbers, if only the bolts could be trusted. Luckily, we had brought Fearless Hias with us, thus managing to fill many a marvellous day on a fine selection of the many top quality crags around the island.
3 pictures from 2009-06-24
Malta holiday Malta holiday
The legendary mid-summer trip to Malta wasn't only about sport activities; this is a sample of what we experienced when not equipped with chalk & harness or scuba tubes.
8 pictures from 2009-06-25
Hiking in Alpenpark Karwendel Hiking in Alpenpark Karwendel
Hiking through the magnificent Karwendel area in Austria, crossing Birkarspitze 2749 m on the way.
8 pictures from 2008-08-31
Kayaking in the Archipelago Kayaking in the Archipelago
We dragged three friends from German along for a strenuous kayak trip with mosquitoes and ticks, all in all a marvellous autumn tour in the Archipelago!
6 pictures from 2008-07-20
Frankenjura 4 day climbing Frankenjura 4 day climbing
Our first visit in Frankenjura, with 8000+ routes the largest climbing area in Europe. We have peeked at extreme classic routes like Armstrong and Action Directe, and have fought our own battles with the small finger pockets covering the superb limestone characteristic for this area.
3 pictures from 2008-05-25
Erasmus skifahren Erasmus skifahren
Great skiing in Austria with the Erasmus -08 group from Karlsruhe.
2 pictures from 2008-01-20
2008 Spring 2008 Spring
A saturday walk in Pfalz among lizzards and celtic ruins.
3 pictures from 2008-04-26
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